Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review: Best For Traveller

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Anywhere you go, a nice portable Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to your favorite music. There are a ton of models available on the market right now if you’re searching for a portable Bluetooth speaker to bring with you while you’re outdoors at the beach, park, backyard, or even in different rooms of your home. will recommend a speaker model that matches those needs. Which is Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker.

I am testing the Bassboomz speaker. I will have a Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review. It is a portable, rechargeable speaker that connects to your audio devices through Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm connection. It has quite good sound quality. Untwist it so the accordion speaker is open to give you full sound, plug in your smartphone or use the Bluetooth, and BOOM! It’s that simple to use. Maybe just a lowercase “boom” will do. Although it can’t match a large speaker system or products from Bose or Beats, it produces better sound than my previous portable speaker.

Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review

1.Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review #1: Feature and Design

One of the smallest Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever used is the Bassboomz. A small speaker, a USB cable, and a 3.5mm audio cord are all included in the box. However, the speaker you can see is being opened, and by pushing the top and bottom pieces together, you can even make it smaller. In order to hear a better sound, BassBoomz advises us to open the speaker, which they refer to as the Bass Expansion System. It will come up once you turn the top in the opposite direction from how you closed it.

Although the speaker is small, it is substantial enough that you won’t see it as a low-quality item. It appears to be very thin and cheap. There is no hands-free speakerphone or other feature on this speaker; it is solely a Bluetooth speaker. There is only a 3.5mm connector, a tiny USB port, and a Bluetooth switch on the back. The only driver is positioned on top and is moving upward.

2.Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review #2: Compatible with all Bluetooth wireless devices

Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review

For all your devices, including iPhones, phones, smartphones, iPads, laptops, and netbooks, the BassBoomz Bluetooth Speaker is the ideal ally. You now have the option to share your speakers across all of your devices.

3. Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review #3: Bass Expansion System

Great sound is produced by the BassBoomz Bluetooth Speaker, featuring clear, crisp hightones and midtones as well. The bass in speakers of this size is typically very weak, but not with the BassBoomz. Thanks to its innovative Bass Expansion System (BXS), you receive rich, deep bass tones and clear trebles. To turn on the BXS, simply twist and release the speaker.

4. Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review #4: Portable and extremely small


You can use this speaker in stereo by connecting it to another BassBoomz speaker.

5.Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review#5: The lithium-ion rechargeable battery inside the device provides up to 6 hours of continuous playback.

The music will continue playing thanks to the large 6-hour playback period provided by the integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery. Simply connect the Mini USB charging cord when the speaker’s battery eventually runs out of juice, and it will quickly resume charging.

6. Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review #6: Internal components are protected by a sturdy aluminum frame from common bumps.

The BassBoomz are made with a sturdy aluminum chassis that shields their delicate internal parts from daily bumps and jolts.

7. Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review #7: For use with non-Bluetooth devices, there is a line-in port and cable.

Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review

Because the BassBoomz Bluetooth Speaker includes a 3.5mm line-in connection connector, you may connect it to almost anything you desire in addition to Bluetooth devices.


What is my final opinion on the BassBoomz? It is beautifully crafted, has a terrific sound for its size, and will provide you with hours of enjoyment, in my opinion. They are excellent for a small speaker that can be used on the road, but they will never completely replace large speakers or headphones in noisy environments. Although I like how small it is, it weighs a little more than I anticipated. I can’t compare these speakers to any others of a similar caliber, so I give them excellent points. The BassBoomz may be customized in a variety of colors to suit practically any preference.

They are one of the more expensive options available for these tiny speakers, costing about $75.68 (£46.95), but the sound quality might make the price worthwhile.

For someone constantly on the run, it’s a very fantastic small pocket speaker. Or, even if you’re not, you could use it with your iPod in the restroom. You could even pack it in your bag or car and use it for a picnic in the park, at the beach, or wherever else you would desire music. The best aspect is that they have a stylish appearance. This is a Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker Review you can see.

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