Healthy Things to Remember: It is advised not to take bath after eating

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It is important to maintain a good lifestyle in order to keep your body fit and healthy. Just as breakfast is an important daily meal. Food is a blend of culture, habit, craving, and identity. And when it comes to food habits, it directly relates to your health and well-being. Following good food habits makes you healthier; while bad habits can make you fall sick. Today, we are going to talk about one such food habit that we often fall prey to without realizing that it is not good for us at all costs. Read to know about the Healthy Things to Remember: It is advised not to take bath after eating.

The correct time to bath matters

The correct time to bath matters

The first Healthy Things to Remember:  With our increasingly busy lifestyles, it becomes near to impossible to adopt the same healthy lifestyle our elders had. Hence, if you have been feeling tired and down and out lately, it is important to pay attention to your lifestyle habits.
One such habit is knowing the correct time to bathe. It is often said that one should not take a bath immediately after having food. Both Ayurveda and modern science have specific reasons behind the same.

Remember to Brush Your Teeth the right way

It’s important to brush your teeth properly soon after eating but not immediately. Wait 30 minutes and then brush your teeth. For overall oral health, the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth before going to bed. This will help remove plaque and neutralize the pH of your mouth, keeping your teeth clean and healthy.
You must also brush for 2 minutes. Brush each section of your teeth for 30 seconds top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and good quality toothpaste.

Wear Loose Clothes

If you are having dinner at home, wear loose and comfortable clothes. Tight-fitting clothes put pressure on your abdomen that can contribute to heartburn. If you are having dinner out, change into comfortable clothes when you get home.
In addition, light and loose-fitting clothes help you sleep better. Wearing tight-fitting clothing at bedtime can raise your body temperature, which can disturb your sleep.

Say No to Fruits

Say No to Fruits

Fruits are a healthy addition to your diet, but eating fruits right after dinner is not healthy. It is difficult for the body to digest fruits properly if you eat them immediately after dinner. Also, the sugar content in fruit is likely to keep you awake and hinder digestion.
It is better to eat fruit 30 minutes before dinner. People who have diabetes must carefully choose fruits as the sugar content in many can increase the blood sugar level.

Things to Avoid After Eating

Things to Avoid After Eating
Healthy Things to Remember- Sleeping after eating


Exercise right after a meal could spell disaster. You are far better off eating after you exercise or at least two hours before. Doing stomach exercises on a full stomach can lead to nausea and hiccups as well as cramping and other injuries.

If after a meal is the only time you can get some movement into your day, then stick with something low impact right after eating such as walking.


Going to sleep right after a meal may be more dangerous than you think. This is a habit that leads to an increased risk of obesity and has some other unpleasant side effects such as heartburn. It also happens to increase the risk of dying of a stroke!

There’s an easy solution to this issue – follow the recommendations of experts that you wait at least two hours to go to sleep after eating.

Take a Shower or a Bath

This one may leave you scratching your head a bit, but listen up! The reason experts don’t recommend bathing after eating is that it increases your body temperature. That means that blood flow is diverted to other parts of your body – away from the digestive tract which is hard at work digesting the meal you just ate. There may not be any noticeable side effects from doing this but it can interrupt the digestion process and slow things down, so make sure to wait at least 30 minutes before you get in the tub after a meal to make sure digestion goes smoothly.

If you have a tendency to head to the shower right after having a meal, we may have some bad news for you. Bathing after eating is known to delay digestion as the blood around the stomach starts flowing to other body parts.

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