How To Connect Speaker To iPhone? Our Best Guide Below

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How To Connect Speaker To iPhone? Despite its small size, the iPhone’s speaker offers a somewhat broad listening area. The primary speaker on the device is used to play audio from all installed applications while the speakerphone is in use or when headphones are not plugged in. The primary speaker’s volume may be changed using the same external buttons as the headphones’ volume. The iPhone may function as a remote speaker for playing music files straight from your computer with the use of a Wi-Fi network and a third-party program called Speaker. This article will guide you on How To Connect Speaker To iPhone with Bluetooth and Troubleshooting as well; let’s explored:

How To Connect Speaker To iPhone and Troubleshooting?

How To Connect Speaker To iPhone with Bluetooth?

This part will demonstrate How To Connect Speaker To iPhone so that you may play music or other sounds via it.

Step 1: Near your iPhone, put your Bluetooth speaker in.

  • The two devices must be close to one another for Bluetooth technology to function correctly.
  • You might need to reconnect your iPhone and speaker if they become too far away.

How To Connect Speaker To iPhone

Step 2: Put the speaker in “pairing” mode after turning it on.

  • Put the speaker in “pairing” or “discoverable” mode after turning it on. To accomplish this, push or hold down a button on the speaker’s exterior.
  • If you are unsure of how to activate “pairing” mode, go to the handbook for your Bluetooth speaker.

Step 3: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. You’ll probably locate this grey program with gears on the Home Screen.

Step 4: Click Bluetooth. The “Settings” page’s upper portion contains it.

How To Connect Speaker To iPhone

Step 5: Right-click “Bluetooth” and select “On.”

  • The Bluetooth function of your iPhone will now be enabled; you should now see a list of Bluetooth devices that your iPhone can couple with appear beneath the “Devices” category.
  • Your speaker will now take the stage. Their name will probably be a combination of the model number and the brand name.

Step 6: Tap the name of your speaker.  By doing this, you may start connecting your speaker and iPhone. It might take several minutes to complete the matching procedure.

  • If your speaker’s name doesn’t appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, restart Bluetooth on your iPhone to clear the list of devices.
  • Some speakers are pre-configured using a password. If after pairing you are asked for a password, go to the speaker’s instructions.

Step 7: Use your Bluetooth speaker to listen to music. Your Bluetooth speaker should be able to play any music you are listening to.

How to troubleshoot when connecting the speaker to iPhone?

1. Don’t let your iPhone get too old. Bluetooth technology is included in iPhone 4S and after that; it might not function if you have an iPhone 4 (or older). Similar synchronization difficulties may arise when using an older Bluetooth speaker with a more recent iPhone (such as the 6S or 7).

2. Ensure that your iPhone is up to date. You can experience Bluetooth problems with more recent Bluetooth speakers if your iPhone isn’t updated to the most recent version of iOS.

How To Connect Speaker To iPhone

3. Activate the Bluetooth speaker again. It’s possible that you accidentally activated the speaker while your iPhone was looking for compatible devices, or there may be a glitch in how they function. To check if it helps, try restarting the speaker.

4. Switch off your iPhone. By doing this, you might be able to reconnect by clearing the Bluetooth settings on your phone. To reset your phone:

  • Slide to power down will display if you press and hold the Power button on the side (or top) of your iPhone.
  • At the top of the screen, slide the power symbol to the right.
  • Press and hold the power button until the Apple icon appears after waiting for a moment.

5. Return the speaker to the shop for evaluation. If everything else fails, you might be able to resolve the issue by taking your Bluetooth speaker and iPhone to the shop where you made the speaker purchase. You can still bring your speaker into a physical store, like Best Buy, to have it looked at even if you purchased it online.

How to Connect your iPhone to a gaming controller, vehicle kit, or other items?

How To Connect Speaker To iPhone

To put the gadget in detection mode, adhere to the directions that came with it.

  • Note: Refer to the “Pairing and Connecting” section of the AirPods User Guide for information on how to pair AirPods with your specific device model.

Turn on Bluetooth by going to Settings > Bluetooth on an iPhone, then tap the device’s name.

  • Note: You can utilize Siri Eyes Free (available in some automobiles) to operate iPhone functions with your voice without having to look at or touch the device. Connect your iPhone to your automobile through Bluetooth (refer to the manual that came with your car if necessary). Press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel until Siri’s tone appears to activate it.

How to Disconnect Bluetooth connections?

Open Control Center and press the Bluetooth button to swiftly disconnect from all Bluetooth devices without turning Bluetooth off. Visit the Apple Support article If an app wants to use Bluetooth on your device to learn more about Bluetooth privacy settings for the iPhone. Consult the Apple Support article If you can’t connect a Bluetooth accessory to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if you’re experiencing problems connecting your Bluetooth device.

Please take note that using specific accessories with an iPhone may reduce wireless performance. Not every iOS or iPadOS accessory works flawlessly with the iPhone. Airplane mode can stop audio stuttering between your iPhone and accessories. Orienting or positioning the iPhone or any connected accessories differently can enhance wireless performance.


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