The best fun Things To Do In Traverse City, Michigan

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Traverse City is in Northern Michigan, the main inland port of Grand Traverse Bay, home to approximately 15,000 people. Its main industry is tourism. The Grand Traverse area grows more tart cherries than anywhere else in the United States and is home to the annual National Cherry Festival, which draws in nearly half a million visitors every year. Beautiful beaches, an excellent cycling trail network, and superior fishing are popular within the community and its visitors. Make a visit well-rounded with a dabble in all five of these top The best fun Things To Do In Traverse City, Michigan.

Explore The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

Explore The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

It was once upon a time a great sight for all buildings that have been built in the Victorian style. But, the best part is that the government decided not to put these buildings down and construct some new modern ones. Instead, all of these buildings are preserved. What’s more amazing is that they are beautifying the old ones so that they do not break down. You can see the iconic Traverse City State Hospital in this area. The village is one of the most popular spots in Traverse City. People usually pack up their picnic baskets and come here for a quick trip. The sideways have been paved and reek of history.

The Dennos Museum Center

The Dennos Museum Center is an art gallery affiliated with Northwestern Michigan College. It has an enormous collection of Inuit art from the Baffin Island area of Nunavut in northern Canada; there are prints, drawings, sculptures, and textiles by Inuit artists.

The second largest of the museum’s collections is of Canadian Woodland Indian art. Beyond that, there are a significant amount of woodcuts by Hungarian-American artist Jozsef Domjan, 19th and 20th century American and European graphic art, and 18th and 19th-century Japanese prints. The gallery has a shop, is open for school visits, has a concert series, and provides adult, youth, and family programming.

The Hippie Tree

The Hippie Tree
The best fun Things To Do In Traverse City- The Hippie Tree

The Hippie Tree might have a bit of an unassuming name, but it’s easily one of Traverse City’s most unique and fascinating places to visit. It is situated near the grounds of the Old State Hospital, in the wooded area around.

Following a steep path will lead you to a clearing where you will find the remnants of an old willow tree. The tree’s heart is technically dead, rotted away long ago, but its branches still boast some life, and its entirety is brightened up with bright, neon paint that coasts its formerly pale trunk.

Local painters have come to this quiet corner of Traverse City, Michigan for generations to mark the tree with vibrant colors, resulting in layers of hues of the rainbow coating the Hippie Tree. The result is something out of a storybook – a twisting growth, somehow persisting through all these years, shrouded in local folklore.

Traverse Area Recreation Trails (TART)

The Traverse Area Recreation Trails, known simply as TART, provides transport and recreational paths across Traverse City, spanning the Leelanau Peninsula. More than 60 miles of multi-use trails, with the longest being the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail of 27 miles, encompass TART, filled with lots of places to see. Traverse City has many different routes of a point-to-point variety that are a part of TART, all distributed across the downtown area.

These trails allow residents and tourists alike to travel quickly from this Michigan city to other close locations, like Sutton Bay. It’s a great way to go sightseeing across the general area, especially if you’re into wooded trails and nature.

Hikers, bikers, runners, joggers, and even snowshoes users can enjoy the challenging trail of Vasa Pathway while those who want a more picturesque journey can try the Boardman Lake Trail.

Go on a wine tour

Go on a wine tour
The best fun Things To Do In Traverse City- Go on a wine tour

Where you will be offered the best spirits of Traverse City. The city of fruits also has some local wineries in its pockets, and fall is the accurate time to go on a trip to all of them and enjoy what they have got to offer.

The Mission Peninsula is one of the best places if you want to take a look at the best wineries in Michigan. Chateau Chantal is quite a pretty winery offering some panoramic scenes apart from the great wine. As for distilleries, there are a lot if you walk around downtown. Keep your eyes open if you want to taste some good Vodka.

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